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Cover of TxtTxt

Carol Walsh, overprotective and pessimistic by nature, returns home late at night to find her daughter isn’t there.  When she is unable to contact her, Carol succumbs to her own fatalistic thoughts.

A short story giving two different points of view of the events of a single night.

by M T Mathieson





On Rathbone Road CoverOn Rathbone Road

When disappointing ‘A’ Level results put an end to Stacey’s dream of studying at Cambridge University, she has to face the prospect of a life very different from the one she had envisioned.  To Stacey it is the end of the world.  Depressed by the sense of failure and the thought of the life she sees ahead of her, she abandons a night out with friends to spend some time alone.  However, as she walks home, she discovers that things could be far worse.  On Rathbone Road Stacey is forced to confront her own outlook on life.


The Lighthouse small-2The Lighthouse

Ann Barford, forty-two years old, divorced mother of two, estranged from her eldest daughter, returns to Hennerton Lighthouse to confront the ghosts of her past.

The secret she has carried with her for the past thirty-two years, one that has shaped her life and tainted others, must be exposed and laid to rest.  Most of all, justice must be served and Ann knows just how to make that happen.


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