The Devil of Echo Lake by Douglas Wynne

The Devil of Echo Lake sounds like a familiar tale: struggling musician sells his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune.  However, don’t be misled, this story is far more than that, with twists and turns that are really quite inspired.  The author’s biography states that he has worked in the music industry and I certainly had a sense that he knew what he was talking about when describing Billy Moon’s world.

 I felt that the protagonist’s character was very well developed with enough insight into his past and thoughts to enable me to care about him despite his many faults.  Jake too, is a well rounded character, with his own conflicts, who I grew to like very much.  My one complaint with regard to the characterisation is that I would have liked some of the other characters to have been developed a little more.  In particular, I felt that the antagonist was pure bad.  I suspect that this was a deliberate choice on the part of the author to add weight to the idea of him as the devil incarnate but, personally, I would have liked a little more history, especially towards the end of the story.

 The plot is certainly very good and the subplots are woven into it seamlessly with plenty of suspense throughout.  If, like me, you enjoy trying to guess where it is all going then it’s definitely for you.